Portfolio Optimization

At Snapdragon Chemistry, we understand how complex the drug development journey can be – from submitting an investigational new drug (IND) application to scaling up. We’re here to help you navigate that journey. Based on your needs, our talented chemists and engineers can provide holistic chemistry services to rapidly develop and optimize your reactions, while considering the importance of seamless technology transfer either within your own facilities or within the Cambrex network.

Depending upon your stage of development, we provide comprehensive consulting services regarding:

  • Chemical reaction optimization, defining specific conditions and parameters
  • Feasibility of applying novel technology to a chemical reaction
  • Reactor design, build and setup
  • Portfolio optimization to enhance productivity

While agnostic to the process development approach utilized, we have unique expertise in completing multiple synthetic steps in one continuous flow process across a broad set of reactions and conditions. By employing integrated multi-step processes, customers tap into some of the greatest benefits of this novel chemical technology.

Our leadership has spearheaded many of the major developments in the flow chemistry field, and we employ chemists who have had hands-on experience in utilizing flow technology to transform synthetic routes (e.g., reducing the number of synthetic steps, improving conversion and decreasing residence time) and substantially increase their efficiency. Our broad experience in translating reactions into flow enables us to take a unique look at your portfolio to identify these opportunities and help you achieve a step-change in productivity.

The Benefits of Early Optimization

Continuous flow chemistry is typically used as a last resort to address challenges in conventional batch methodology. As a result, there are often missed opportunities to apply continuous flow chemistry to enhance product development and gain the greatest advantages of flow technology. Our consultants offer a detailed analysis of your portfolios, reviewing reactions and processes across a set of molecules and proactively identifying key opportunities to use innovative chemistry to improve productivity. No matter your challenges, we will work closely with your team to determine a customized plan that best suits your needs.